A cellulose-based fiber-reinforced plastic can be molded into an iPhone, iPad, and even a smartwatch

A new plastic material called cellulose can be used to build a smartphone, a smart watch, and a tablet.

A polymer made from cellulose, called polystyrene, can be made into fabric, and other plastic products can be manufactured with it.

The material has the potential to replace plastic, a material scientists say is used in many products today.

It’s also been found to be a cost-effective way to replace cellulose in smartphones and tablets, where there are often plastic components that need to be replaced.

Polystyrene was invented in 2012, and has been used for a variety of uses, including for automotive and construction products.

The polymer was used in the development of a plastic tire.

The new plastic materials are currently available for sale in the United States and in Europe, though they have not yet reached widespread consumer use.

In the future, polystyrenes could be used in more diverse applications, like those for manufacturing a new type of wearable sensor that can detect pressure levels.