What you need to know about the newest e-glass glasses

Fiber Optic, a multimode glass company based in China, has created a new line of glasses that use e-ink technology to reduce glare and enhance reading performance.

The new glasses are made with the fiber-reinforced plastic called e-flex, which has been shown to be a significant contributor to lower energy consumption and better reading performance compared to traditional glass.

In addition to reducing glare and improving reading performance, e-greens also offer other advantages, such as longer lasting batteries and better durability, according to the company.

“We think it’s time to shift the paradigm and take e-glasses to the next level,” said John R. Sorenson, the company’s chief executive officer.

“With fiber optics, you’re looking at the world’s most advanced technology and you’re also looking at a very lightweight, highly efficient device that is also very convenient and light.”

The company said that its e-fiber glasses were made by integrating materials like e-waste and e-paper.

The company said it’s currently testing the glasses in more than 200 locations around the world, and expects to launch them in 2018.

The e-tech industry is experiencing an explosion in growth.

Last year, Google launched the Google Glass, an eye-tracking device that offers users the ability to record videos of themselves reading or taking pictures.

In 2016, Microsoft and Amazon began selling e-books, which they said are a good option for teachers and students looking for something more convenient and more affordable than printed books.