‘Bubble’ manufacturer,Birmingham, is in talks with RTE


– “Bubbles” are coming, and the bubble maker is in serious talks with a Birmingham-based company that is looking to build and market a range of bubble products in the city, said John O’Neill, a former head of research and development for the city’s Office of Economic Development.

Birmingham is trying to grow the bubble industry by developing and manufacturing bubble masks and other products that help people stop coughing and colds.

O’Brien, who joined the city in 2012, said the company is working on three products that would help people protect their skin from inhaling the bubble dust, which is made from a polymer made from an organic substance.

“Birmingham has a unique ability to develop and manufacture these products, but there are a lot of opportunities to expand and become more market-leading in the bubble market,” O’Connor said.

The bubble mask would be designed to reduce the amount of bubbles, which can cause a person to go into shock and lose consciousness.

Birgmingham has some of the country’s lowest concentrations of the coronavirus, according to a study published this month in the journal JAMA Infectious Diseases.

O’mens research found the city is home to a whopping 40,000 people with the virus and there have been at least 3,000 coronaviral cases and 1,600 deaths.

Birnbachs Mayor Andrew Young said the city has been working to build a bubble industry for years and is confident the company’s bubble mask and bubble cushion products will attract people.

“They are an emerging product that is becoming increasingly popular and we are excited to be working with them on building the bubble business,” Young said.

Birnam-based O’Connors firm, O’Bryant, specializes in the manufacturing of products for health and safety products.

O’Brien is the head of O’Reilly’s global research and innovation group.

He said the bubble mask is designed to protect against airborne particles.

O’therns product has a clear visor that allows people to see what they are breathing in and it is very lightweight, he said.

O’mens company has a limited number of masks and cushion products in its pipeline, but plans to develop a line of masks for use in the emergency room.