A fiber mill that can handle fiber of all sizes

A fiber manufacturing company in South Korea has invented a fiber mill capable of handling a wide variety of fiber materials.

The fiber mill is said to be capable of producing fiber materials up to 5 meters long, including the 3 meters required for fiber-optic cable.

The company has also developed a fiber-mesh machine that can be used to produce fiber-netted cables, and the fiber-based fiber-reinforced plastic material used in new fiber-woven clothing, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

The new fiber mill, named Fiber B, has been developed by Shimadzu Fiber Inc., the country’s largest fiber-making company, which is a subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer of fiber, Shimadu Fiber Corp., the company said.

The company has produced a total of 2,500,000 metric tons of fiber-manufactured fiber products for commercial use, Shimada said.

The fiber mill’s capacity has been limited to 1.3 million metric tons since its introduction in December 2014, Shimado said.

Saying the fiber mill can handle any fiber material, Shimadsu Fiber Inc. said the mill’s “unlimited” capacity was achieved due to its unique fabrication and processing processes that require little or no electricity.

Samples were sent to the company for testing in January 2015, according with the company, and in January this year, the fiber mills production capacity was exceeded, Shimadasu said.

This is the first fiber mill of its kind, the company added.