Fiber stamping companies sue to overturn new ban

Fiber stampers say the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s rule requiring labels on packages of products containing soluble fiber will lead to the end of their business.

The companies, including a manufacturer of fiber-stampable fibers, are asking the FDA to overturn a rule that requires them to list soluble fiber in their packages and on labels.

They say the rule is based on faulty science that doesn’t take into account the benefits of soluble fiber, and that the agency shouldn’t be doing this.

The rule was issued in October 2017 and is part of the Food and Nutrition Board’s guidelines for the labeling of dietary supplements and food ingredients.

The rules apply to companies that produce products containing dietary supplements or food ingredients that contain soluble fiber.

The FDA says soluble fiber is a “mineral found in plant foods” that helps maintain the intestinal barrier and reduces the risk of colon cancer. is a consumer-focused news site focused on food safety, health and the environment.

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