Benfica fans’ new season tickets offer free meals, entertainment

Benficas fans can now take advantage of the club’s new season ticket packages and the team’s new TV channel.

The new season packages offer free dinner and entertainment on the ground and at the stadium, plus an increase in stadium admission fees.

The price of the season tickets have been frozen at €80,000 and the season ticket holders will also receive a free matchday ticket.

They can get a new season pass at a discounted price of €25,000.

Benficans fans can also get a commemorative scarf, a new hat, new socks and a commemorated shirt from the club.

In addition, the club will introduce a new stadium, the new stadium will feature a new name and a new logo and the new home ground will have an additional 3,000 seats.

Bencimas will also start to build its new stadium in the second half of the 2017/18 season.

Benbays fans will also have the chance to watch Benficials games live on BT Sport and watch their club in the stadium on a computer.

Benjamins fans will have the opportunity to receive a commemorations scarf, which will also be available in a limited number of ways.

The first edition of the new season passes will be available for €25 each and they will be sold at Benjaminas stadium from October 12, the official launch of the Benjams season ticket package.

The following season tickets will also include the option of a commemoratives scarf.

Benjoos season tickets for the 2017-18 season are available to buy at the official club store.

They will go on sale on January 31.

Benifas fans can buy their season tickets at the Benfico football club store from October 25.