Fiber lasers manufacturer will be bought by U.S. firm

Fiber lasers maker FiberLabs will be sold to a Taiwanese company for about $3.6 billion, the company said Wednesday.

The deal, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter, is expected by some analysts to generate as much as $5 billion in revenue, according to Reuters.

FiberLamps is best known for its laser products, such as the laser that powers the world’s largest wireless broadband network, the fiber-optic cables that carry TV and radio signals and fiber-based internet connections.

The company’s products also help power Google Fiber, a fiber optic network that is expected soon to launch in several cities.

FiberLabs chief executive John J. Schubert said in a statement that the sale of FiberLamp would strengthen FiberLaps position as a leading leader in wireless and fiber optics technologies.

The company will retain all of its leadership positions, including its engineering and manufacturing operations, and will also retain some of its existing senior leadership teams, he said.

Federated Cable Systems, the parent of Charter Communications, has been exploring a sale of its broadband business for about a year.

Charter’s deal to buy Time Warner Cable is expected in the first quarter.

In December, Charter announced plans to close a $1.4 billion sale of Time Warner’s cable TV and broadband assets, including satellite and wireless video, to AT&T.

The deal is expected close in March.