Fiber manufacturing ppl in South Dakota will pay for state-funded broadband

Fiber manufacturing companies in South Dakotans have signed on to pay for the state’s $60 million broadband plan to provide internet access to its people.

The new contracts will cover fiber manufacturing, and the company that makes the fiber will pay $8 million in revenue to help the state cover its costs, according to state officials.

The state is also offering grants for job training, and it has been using the money to purchase equipment and other support to help make its infrastructure available to other communities.

The first fiber contract will cover the state of South Dakota, which is known for its rural, hardscrabble landscape.

“These projects will create jobs and create economic benefits for South Dakots communities,” South Dakota Commerce Secretary Tim Ritter said in a statement.

The company that provides fiber for fiber-optic networks will pay about $8.4 million, which includes $6 million in payments to its manufacturing partners.

The other $8,000 will go toward state support of community broadband, which will also include fiber connections to businesses.

The contracts are expected to be finalized by the end of the month.