Fiber is the new hotness in the cable business

Fiber is here to stay, according to a new report that finds cable companies are increasingly buying their own production to save money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the U.S. government has ordered cable companies to cut production of fiber to save costs.

The companies that use the technology are not obligated to make fiber, but can choose to do so if the government gives them permission.

The government does not require them to buy fiber.

The WSJ report says the industry is making $10 billion in annual savings, which could be enough to offset the loss of traditional cable.

But the WSJ notes that the cost savings are not enough to justify the massive cost cuts.

The industry is moving to fiber-to-the-home, a much cheaper alternative to the traditional cable company model.

The WSJ says companies are also looking to build fiber optic networks to connect more of their customers to the internet.