Armos Fiberglass makes Fiberglass parts for drones

Share This story: Armos, a French company, said on Tuesday that it has developed fiberglass parts used in drones, such as the drones used by police to patrol.

It’s part of an industry that has grown in the last decade to include everything from cars to personal robots, and the new products have been touted as more efficient and cheaper than previous materials.

The new Fiberglass has been manufactured in China, using a process called borosilicate glass that has not been widely used in the world.

Armos said it would be selling the parts for $1 per pound for drones.

“We are not trying to make it expensive,” Armos’ chief executive, Nicolas Jorgensen, told Reuters.

“But we want to give people the best choice of the products they can buy.”

Armos made headlines last year when it became the first major manufacturer of drones to announce a partnership with Amazon.

The partnership allowed the two companies to sell a series of drones from the company’s new drone platform.

The company also said it is working on a new drone product called the Armos M, which is a combination of a small, light drone and a larger drone.

It said that the new drone has a larger battery, and that it will be available in spring 2018.