Google Fiber to invest $1B in plant-derived fiber manufacturing

Google Fiber will invest $500 million in plant fiber manufacturing to support future expansion, the company announced today.

The investment will enable the company to expand production capacity in its growing fiber optic business, which includes Google Fiber’s fiber network.

Google Fiber said in a blog post today that it will spend $1 billion on plant-specific fiber production and expand the company’s fiber supply chain by 50% over the next three years.

“The $500M investment in plant manufacturing will support the company and its workforce to accelerate the delivery of new and innovative products and services,” Google Fiber wrote.

“In addition, we’ll continue to work with our suppliers to develop the next generation of our fiber and support the continued growth of our business.”

Google Fiber is also building its own data centers in Texas and Virginia to make fiber to its fiber network in the future.

The company said it has a team of 50 people at its data center in Austin, Texas.

“We’re very proud of the work we’ve done on building our data center,” Google said in the blog post.

“Our work here in Austin has enabled us to meet our needs for data center capacity and to keep our operations running as we expand our services and deliver new and improved services.”

Google said the investment will also help Google Fiber reach new customers in areas that have been hard hit by the recession.

The move comes as Google Fiber has been facing some competition from Internet service providers, particularly Comcast, which recently introduced an ad-supported tier of its broadband service that is available only to its own customers.

The Google Fiber announcement comes less than a month after Google announced it was adding 1,500 jobs in Texas, and more than three months after Google Fiber began rolling out fiber to the entire country.