Why a fiber manufacturing company can’t get its fiber back

The company that’s been accused of stealing the fiber from a fiber supplier in China in order to make it into a fiber product that’s sold in the U.S. is looking for an ally to help it find its way back.

The company that makes the fiber, Advanced Micro Devices, is in talks with the U-M’s Technology Innovation Research Lab, the university’s research center said in a statement.

The talks are preliminary, and the company is seeking to establish a formal relationship, the statement said.

The university is not a party to the discussions, the institution said.

The university is a partner in the research lab, according to the statement.

Advanced Micro is a leader in the fiber market, and we are excited to continue our partnership with the university, said Paul Dittrich, vice chancellor for research and innovation.

The fiber company said it would like to collaborate with the institute in a way that could help the company find its path back to market.

The U-Mass Lowell graduate student who has been accused by the Chinese company of stealing a shipment of fiber to make fiber products sold in China, said in March that he believes he stole the material from a Chinese fiber supplier.

The theft came after the Chinese government banned the importation of certain fiber and other fiber materials.

The U-Millan-based company said last month that it had stopped making fiber products in China because of the ban.

China’s Commerce Ministry said on May 15 that the company responsible for stealing the material was a joint venture between China Unicom, a subsidiary of the telecommunications company, and a subsidiary in the state of Jilin, and it would hold the company and its officials accountable for the theft.

China Unicom did not immediately respond to a request for comment.