“The New Fiber Industry Is A Disaster for All of Us”

In its latest article, the National Geographic Institute reports on the growing global problem of fiber manufacturing.

The article notes that fiber manufacturers are underfunded and the government doesn’t even track fiber shipments as a percentage of the total fiber supply chain.

The National Geographic article says the number of fiber factories is projected to grow by 7% over the next three years, and that fiber is now being used in the majority of the world’s internet and television sets.

The company that owns the largest fiber maker in the world, Teledyne, has also been underfunded, and it has been accused of not meeting its performance targets.

As a result, the company is facing a $7 billion loss this year.

The NIGP article also discusses the potential of a new type of fiber called “Fiber-Fiber,” which could replace older, older, and more expensive technologies like copper.

It’s the result of the discovery of a process that creates a thinner and cheaper fiber than existing materials.

As a result of these advances, fiber-based manufacturing will become a significant part of the internet of things (IoT) market in the coming years.

The NIGPS article says, “Fibers will become more prevalent as we make the transition to smart devices, where every part of an object needs to be connected to a computer to function properly.”

This article originally appeared at Quartz.