Angelina Fiber Manufacturer, Fiber Optic Manufacturers and Fiber Bedmakers are All Over the Map

Angelina Fibres, a British fiber maker with a range of products including mattresses, curtains and pillowcases, has a history of controversy.

The company has been hit by a series of regulatory scandals, including one over its use of asbestos, and has faced several legal battles in recent years, including a class action lawsuit brought by a man who claimed he was injured when a wall fell on his head.

The UK’s Sunday Times newspaper reported last year that Angelina had received £30 million ($43 million) in funding from Google, a company which is based in Alphabet’s parent company Alphabet.

The article also said Angelina was in talks to purchase Google Fiber, an internet service provider which was set to launch in the UK this year, and was planning to expand into a larger rollout in 2017.

According to the report, Angelina has been forced to cut jobs in its UK operations and has been seeking to find ways to diversify its business.

Google Fiber is expected to be the UK’s first high-speed internet service, and it has been criticised for its pricing and customer service.