Google Fiber: What you need to know

Fiber splices are a special type of optical fiber that uses splices in one of the fibers to provide a more-than-perfect connection.While fiber splices can be used to make a connection, they aren’t perfect and aren’t suitable for fiber-optic cables.In the past, Fiber splice manufacturers have relied on expensive, proprietary methods to make the splices […]

Acetate Fiber Manufacturers Are Making New Acetates, a New Way to Help People Get Healthful Fiber

A new fiber product is being marketed as a way to help people get healthier.The Acetrate fiber products are made from acetate, a natural compound, and the main ingredient is water.The companies are making the new fiber in response to growing health concerns about the link between acetate consumption and heart disease.The company, AcetraBio, was […]

How to identify a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) modem

Fibre-to/2.4GHz broadband access is the fastest, most cost-effective way to get Internet access.In a country that has been starved of such speeds, that speed has become a necessity.But in a city like New Delhi, the speeds are so poor that many people have to pay for a slower connection. The FTTN (ft-ntn) is the industry standard […]

Fiber-to-Wire Technology: A Start-Up’s Journey

By MARVIN P. BRADLEY, Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Fiber-to_Wire technology can make it easier for farmers to harvest the most efficient crop, using a new type of spinning machine to pull the leaves out of a plant without damaging it.The technology has been around for decades but was only recently gaining traction in the […]

Fiber assemblers from UK, US, Australia, NZ, South Korea are set to build the internet’s first fiber internet

Fiber is getting a lot of attention these days, but it isn’t necessarily what’s driving it.Instead, fiber manufacturing is an increasingly popular sector for internet service providers, who are looking for a cheaper alternative to copper wire and other optical fiber infrastructure.The latest to jump on the fiber-building bandwagon are US-based fiber manufacturers, such as […]

Fiber Tech’s fiber pipes manufacturer faces fines

Staple Fiber Manufacturing Inc. is facing a $20 million fine from the Department of Justice for violating the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.According to a complaint filed in a federal court in New York City, Staple was in violation of a provision of the Act that requires manufacturers of products containing fibers, or substances derived […]

“The New Fiber Industry Is A Disaster for All of Us”

In its latest article, the National Geographic Institute reports on the growing global problem of fiber manufacturing.The article notes that fiber manufacturers are underfunded and the government doesn’t even track fiber shipments as a percentage of the total fiber supply chain.The National Geographic article says the number of fiber factories is projected to grow by […]

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