When the U.S. Government Ends Its Own Fiber Barrier, How It Could Help Save Lives

Fiber manufacturers have been saying for years that they are facing a crisis because of the cost of protecting their fiber.The problem is, the government doesn’t even have the funds to protect fiber.A new report by the American Council on Fiber, a nonprofit organization, estimates that the federal government will be unable to keep its […]

How a small town in Manitoba is making a name for itself in the growing fibre industry

The town of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a hotbed for the burgeoning fibre industry.It’s been the site of fibre-rich projects for years.But the town has been able to grow its business out of necessity.The town is not only home to a major fibre provider, but it also supplies fiber to cities in Canada and the U.S. […]

When it comes to getting rid of bad smell, capillary fibre is a must

Posted March 08, 2019 05:29:22In the 1960s, scientists discovered that the bacteria that live in capillaries are highly resistant to antibiotics, which could mean they could be used to combat the spread of tuberculosis.They thought that if they could make them in such high-quality ways that they could compete with the drugs produced in factories, […]

IBM plans to launch fiber chairs for $2,000

IBM is working on a fiber-friendly version of its IBM ThinkPad XPS 13 laptop.The company is also testing a cheaper version of the laptop that will sell for $1,499, but the company didn’t reveal details on the new laptop, or when it will be available. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new ThinkPad will have […]

How to make fiber from scratch

The United States is on track to overtake Mexico as the world’s largest fiber exporter, and the United States could soon be leading the charge as the largest exporter of plastic, according to a new report from the Federal Trade Commission.The report estimates that by 2025, the U.S. will overtake Mexico in terms of total […]

How to use a capillary filter to make a new kind of vinyl fiber

By using a capillary filter, you can make new kinds of vinyl fibers that are lighter, more flexible, and more resilient.That’s the promise of capillary filtrations, which are one of the biggest advancements in the fiber manufacturing industry.You’ll learn how to use capillary filters, how to make your own, and how to test your product […]

A cellulose-based fiber-reinforced plastic can be molded into an iPhone, iPad, and even a smartwatch

A new plastic material called cellulose can be used to build a smartphone, a smart watch, and a tablet.A polymer made from cellulose, called polystyrene, can be made into fabric, and other plastic products can be manufactured with it.The material has the potential to replace plastic, a material scientists say is used in many products […]

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