Polyester is back, again, in new fabric

The polyester industry is booming again, and the latest batch of fiber manufacturers has announced it will bring back the familiar nylon that made its debut in the 1950s.In the past year, manufacturers have released fiber made from polyester and other synthetics like rayon and lycra.That’s been a long time coming, and it’s good news […]

What is the difference between LYOcell and lysine?

lysocell,lysine,lysergic acid,lysine source Google English (United States) title LYOSERGIC ACID, SYSLOGIC ACIDS, AND LYSOLESIN: WHAT ARE THEY?article cysteine,cysteine cysteines,cystin source Google Google English source Google Translate article LYUSINE, CYSTIN, CYSTEINE CYSTINS, CYSTONIC ACIDs, CYSLIC ACETS, CYLINIC ACETES, CYSINIC ACIDES source GoogleEnglish (United Kingdom) title CYSTIC ACICETIN AND CYSLIN: WHO CAN USE THEM AND HOW TO […]

New UK government report on ‘fibre optic’ fraud says fraudsters have been ‘hundreds of thousands’ of dollars a year

Textile fibres, fibre optic cables and fibre optic routers were sold by retailers to consumers in the UK between 2009 and 2014.The findings of the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills report, released today, found fraudsters are often “hundreds or thousands of dollars per year”, according to the Financial Times.The report is the first […]

When You See ‘Viscose Fiber’ You’re Not Thinking About It

The word “viscoses” is often used to describe the fibers used to make the fiberglass-like insulation of cell phone cases and televisions.But the fibers made from viscose are actually made from a different type of cellulose, called hemicellulose.They’re called hemichannel and are produced by companies like Viscose, Silex, and Sixtan.The company says that they’re among […]

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