‘Waste Is No Object’: The Rise and Fall of Fossil Fuel Companies

A week after India launched the country’s first carbon tax, a company that makes carbon fibre has decided to lay off some 300 employees.Kebabco, a local firm, said on Monday that it will cut its workforce by about 50% from the current level of 2,000.The announcement comes at a time when India is on track […]

How to create a sustainable future with solar power

By now, we should know how the world is going to feed itself.It’s the biggest problem facing humanity.Solar power is the answer.We’re on our way to becoming self-sufficient, but we need to do so in a way that avoids the worst impacts of climate change.Here’s how to build a sustainable, green future.1.Solar energy, or photovoltaics, […]

Canadian recycling recyclers are taking a new tack: ‘We’re not going to make your life hell’

The Canadian government is reopening a national recycling program that saw a spike in illegal dumping in 2015, with recycling recycler Gary Smith accusing his former employer of engaging in illegal practices in an effort to gain market share.The government announced Tuesday that it will no longer require a recycling business to have an environmental […]

This post will help you understand why wood fiber manufacturers and suppliers are so aggressive on pricing

A few months ago, the wood fiber market exploded.As more and more companies started competing to sell fiber, prices went up.As prices went down, the demand went up, and that pushed prices up further.Now, that demand is hitting a wall, as prices continue to go up, leaving the wood fibers industry struggling.In a recent interview […]

When You See ‘Viscose Fiber’ You’re Not Thinking About It

The word “viscoses” is often used to describe the fibers used to make the fiberglass-like insulation of cell phone cases and televisions.But the fibers made from viscose are actually made from a different type of cellulose, called hemicellulose.They’re called hemichannel and are produced by companies like Viscose, Silex, and Sixtan.The company says that they’re among […]

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